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Today I installed my Rough County Tailgate table! This was a modification that I was really excited about. I have been practicing my camp chef skills and noticed how much table top space I really needed. I started doing some research and found some really nice table with built-in cutting boards, but they were way out of my price range. I found one by Rough Country that fit perfect within my budget. For around $80 bucks this tailgate table was really easy to install. See below for the install video:

This table came with really good instructions! On my Jeep JL I only had to drill into the plastic on the tailgate, and the drill hole were all marked by Jeep. This made measuring and drill easy as could be!

If you are interested in getting the same table, click here: Jeep JL Tailgate Table

I will do a review in about 3-6 months to report on how well the Rough Country Tailgate Table is handling. Feel free to comment below and let men know what you thing of the table, or do you have a table you like better?

Update 01/11/2022

I had some questions about my Rough Country Tailgate Table. This table has been rock solid for me, while its doesn’t have a sweet bamboo cutting board, it does the job and I have not had any issue with it. During install the bottom does line up pretty flush against the plastic parts of the Jeep door. The top of the table has a bit of a gap (see pictures below) but doesn’t seem to effect the use of the table. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Jeep JL

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