Top 3 Facebook Off-road and Overlanding Groups to Join

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I want to let you guys know my top 3 favorite Facebook Off-road and Overlanding Groups. This are groups that have great content, friendly user base and help out a lot with questions. If you’re on Facebook, check them out!

Number 3. Silver State Off-road: This group serves the Northern Nevada area for all the off-road enthusiast. This group of off-roaders post recommendations for repair shops in the local area, off-roading news, and friendly advice. Check out this group, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Number 2. Carson Valley ATV: Carson Valley ATV is a local Northern Nevada group that has a very active user group. They have friendly users willing to help, and many of the user share local trails. They map out rides they go on and share it with everyone. If looking for new trails, check them out. If you are visiting Northern Nevada (Tahoe, Carson City, Reno) area you have to join this group and check out the rides they go on.

Number 1. TrailRecon: TrailRecon is a large Overlander group with users all over the world. The moderator does a good job keeping the conversation about overlanding and off-roading. The users give helpful and honest feedback and enjoy checking out each others setups. I have found new camping products and off-road setups by looking at these users pictures.

What is your favorite Facebook Off-roading or Overlanding group? Let us know in the comments!

Eastern Slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, above Minden, NV

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