Top 10 Reasons We Love Our 23ZERO WALKABOUT™ 72 Rooftop Tent

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We purchased the 23ZERO WALKABOUT™ 72 CALIFORNIA KING WITH LIGHT SUPPRESSION TECHNOLOGY in May 2021 to add to our offroad trailer setup. We looked at many different styles and sizes of rooftop tents and ultimately decided that the WALKABOUT™ 72 was the perfect fit for our family of four. In this article we will discuss our top 10 reason we love our 23ZERO WALKABOUT™ 72 Rooftop Tent.

Number 10: Unboxing and Installation

Once we received out 23Zero Rooftop tent, I was excited to throw it up on my offroad trailer. Everything needed was in the box, including mounting hardware and instructions. The instructions were incredibly easy to follow and I had it fully installed in around 30 minutes. I did need my wife’s help to lift it onto the trailer, at around 165 lbs we both lifted and set it on top of the trailer in one try.

Number 9: Annex

We decide to also purchase the additional Annex. This annex folds up and is easy to store in out trailer. I come in handy when its raining or the mosquitos get really bad! My kids tell me that it feels like a two story tent, 100 percent kid approved!

Number 8: Interior pockets, rings

Sleeping in ground tents for the majority of my camping life, I’ve used the pockets and light hooks a ton. In the 23Zero tent this is no different, the pockets are big enough to hold all my pocket sized items. There are rings at the top of the tent to hold the fabric if we unzip the roof windows, they work perfect to hold headlamps or lights that aren’t too heavy.

Number 7: Air flow / windows

The WALKABOUT™ 72 has windows on every wall and the roof! this makes for some unbelievable air flow on hot days. Each window is equipped with screens and a heavy duty exterior flap to protect against the wind and cold. The zippers are heavy duty and do not bind at all. This is important when waking up in the middle of the night trying to unzip the door to go to the bathroom.

Number 6: Customer Service

We received our rooftop tent in June 2021. I have to say 23Zero’s customer service was the best experience I’ve had. 23Zero communicated promptly and treated me like my purchase was important to them. They sent pictures of my tent so I can identify damage during transit and kept me up-to-date on any issues.

Number 5: Light Suppression Technology

One of the worst things about tent camping is being gently woken up by the blazing sun coming through the tent fabric. With the 23Zero rooftop tent I wake when I’m ready. Like a grumpy old bear stumbling out of his den, the first time I used this tent I slept in way too late.

Number 4: Durability

This tent is tough. I was able to poke a hole through the bottom, at no fault of the tent. While doing a pretty though trail I had a stabilizer leg from my trailer rub against the bottom of the tent for about an hour. The rubbing cause a hole about 7 inches long by 4 inches wide. I will have a future video on how I fixed this hole (coming soon). I stand by the fact the this could have been a lot worse and the tent did the best it could to protect itself.

Number 3: Size

The size is perfect for our family. We are a family of four, two adults (6’2″ and 5’10”) and two kids (5’1″ and 4′). We sleep through the night with enough room to move and roll over. The

Number 2: Ease of setup / storage

I owned a lot of ground tents, and if your thinking of transitioning, I highly recommend a roof top tent due to setup ease. Yes, a ground tent can fold up smaller and store easier, but for us storage isn’t a deal breaker. Our 23Zero tent stores nicely on top of our offroad trailer or Jeep roof rack. When folded it’s only about 14inch thick.

Number 1: Portability, fits our overlanding lifestyle, comfortable

The number one thing I like about this tent is how small such a large tent can break-down into. While it won’t roll-up into a small 2 foot roll, for the size its relatively flat. Measuring in at around 14 inches thick it can easily stay on my off road trailer and be parked inside my garage with ease. Total height is below my roof rack on my Jeep, so I do have bad aerodynamics. I have a Jeep so I have to live with bad aerodynamic! This is a two person lift off my trailer, my 5’6″ wife has no problems helping me take it down.

Let me know what you think of your roof top tent in the comments, pros and cons. This will help people decide what tent is best for them.

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