Top Ten Overlanding Gear Wish List under $300

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Need help buying Christmas gifts? Or looking for good overlanding equipment? We have put together a list of ten items under 300 dollars to help you decide what to get that hard to shop for person or add to your setup. Here are our recommendations for Overlanding gear for under $300.

10. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Buddy 4,000-9,000-BTU Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater – $105

Overlanding gear Mr. Heater

Winter is one of my favorite times to camp. Fewer people, quiet, and beautiful! The downside of winter camping is it can get cold. With a Mr. Heater, you’ll stay warm and cozy in your tent or camper with good ventilation. This heater connects to the small bbq propane bottles (1lb) and is very safe. Mr. Heater has a built-in oxygen sensor that will shut off the heater if oxygen is getting too low in your tent or camper. This heater will also shut off if it falls over, providing safety from starting something on fire.

9. 2 gallon water ROTOPAX – $60

175ROTOPAX 2 Gallon Water

Water is something every Camper, Overlander, Off-road should carry with them. You never know when you’ll get stuck or stranded somewhere. Water is essential for life and you should never leave home with some water. ROTOPAX makes some great products, they have tons of different mounts to mount this water jug to you side-by-side, Jeep, trailer, whatever you use to explore outdoors. This jug will hold enough water to keep you hydrated for a week, this is a must-have!

8. Aluminum Folding Camp Table – $45

This table is a great option for an easy table that is light and easy to store. This table can be used camping or just hanging out at the park or in the backyard. This table is sturdy, folds up into a bag, and provides a perfect place to prepare food or be a mini dining table to play cards. This table will last you a long time and many camping trips!

7. Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag – $55

I love these trash bags! The worst thing about camping is driving home with trash in your rig. This canvas bag attaches to your spare tire (Jeep) or you can store it in the bed of your truck. I keep trash bags inside the Trasharoo for easy cleanup. Keeping trash away from my family keeping the trash smell down. This bag could also be used to transport your firewood or tools. Trasharoo built their bags with strong canvas and strong stitching. They will last for many years after purchase.

6. ARB 10000011 Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit – $45

This is a must-have! If you’re doing a lot of off-road exploring. Being able to fix or plug a hole in your tire could save you from being stuck in the middle of nowhere, waiting for help. This tire repair kit can get you off the hill and into the shop for a permanent fix. You may have a spare but this will give you peace of mind if you get multiple flat tires.

5. Camping Hammock – $25

The journey to a beautiful campsite is just the beginning, once you get there how do you relax? Set up a hammock! This hammock is made of strong parachute fabric and parachute cords. I keep a couple of these stuffed away in my Jeep. This hammock is small and lightweight, easy to put under a seat or backpack. I really enjoy taking a nap in a hammock under the trees. This will be a purchase you will be glad to make!

4. Outdoor Portable Gas Fire Pit – $200

Campfires and roasting marshmallows are typical camping activities. When in fire restrictions or you run out of firewood, a good propane fireplace can give you the same campfire enjoyment without the smoke and smell. This portable campfire can be stored in your rig and pulled out when setting up camp and can be easily hooked up to a propane tank.

3. KC HiLiTES 355 Cyclone LEDs – $70

KC HiLiTEs have made these little lights to put almost anywhere on your rig/trailer/or next project. With these cyclone LEDs you can mount under a Jeep hood or use them as rock lights. They a durable and small and can be tucked into tight spaces. All the wiring is included in this package and KC offers awesome customer service. I highly recommend these little lights. I will be putting these as rock lights on my trailer build.

2. Massimo E-Kooler Fridge Cooler 12v Portable Freezer – $270

This portable cooler is one of the largest capacity at 270 dollars that I’ve seen in the market. This cooler connects to your vehicle’s 12v DC system or 110AC system to provide a portable powered cooler. There has been a lot of positive reviews on Facebook in off-road groups due to its cheap price tag and durability. Keep your food cooled and ready for camp.

  1. First Aid Kit -$50

I believe this is one of the most important pieces of equipment to have in your vehicle. You really never know what could happen and you should be prepared for anything. This first aid kit has everything you need from bandaids to a tourniquet. This is just the bare minimum you should carry, I like this one because it’s small and can be easily stored in a spot for easy access.

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