Easy Trail to Virginia City, Nevada (Jumbo Grade Trail)

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The Jumbo Grade Trail is located South of Reno, Nevada. The trail starts in the Washoe Valley and runs through the Virginia Range to Virginia City, Nevada. You’ll pass through historic mining area where the Comstock Lode was found. The Comstock Lode was the large discovery of Silver under the eastern slope of Mount Davidson. This trip is an easy day trip of explore and find some nice campsites int he area.

The start of the trail in Washoe Valley has a large area to unload side-by-sides, park off-road vehicles or a place to air down and go to the bathroom. For detailed information on this area and the Jumbo Grade Trail in general, visit RiderPlanets write-up!

Jumbo Grade Staging Area
Jumbo Grade Trail starting point. On the way to Virginia City.

Moving up the trail there are signs of a lot of vehicle traffic, so be careful and watch for fast moving side-by-sides and motorcycles. The trail is very easy and during the summer you might not need 4 wheel drive. I would recommend high clearance because there are many points that can scrape the bottom of your off-road or overland vehicle. There are many side trails to explore on this route and a ton of different camping areas to explore and map out.

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I hope you al enjoy the Jumbo Grade Trail and find exciting areas off the trail. If you find something, please let me know in the comments. Below is the GPX file for the Jumbo Grade Trail. Click, download, upload in your favorite app or GPS and follow the same route we took.

Right Click and “Save As” to save the GPX File below.

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